Have You Annoyed Due To Weak Erection? Use Cenforce

A man always wants to give his best performance while making love with his partner. Unfortunately, due to sexual dysfunction there are many men who are unable to please his partner on the bed during intimacy or not able to show his manhood. Nowadays, the most common sensual disorder is erectile dysfunction or impotence in man, as a man is not capable to keep a harder erection for the satisfactory duration. This is very devastating and shameful condition for men when he fails to keep an appropriate erection in front of his partner. Therefore, when a female is not satisfied by his partner on the bed while making love for a longer time, this may influence bad impact and this may bring relationship issues among them or may have bad consequences.This is necessary to have effective and successful intimacy relation between partners to execute normal and healthy life. In case you are suffering from erection disorder or impotence then you can overcome the disorder with the help of medicine called as Cenforce. After taking this medicine a man accomplishes prolonged and effective erection while making love.

Cenforce 200 mg pill is a potent and effective medicine that is successfully helpful in the management of erectile dysfunction or impotence in man. Therefore, with the help of this medicine a man can successfully please his partner on the bed during intimacy time with his partner so that a man can bring back his lost love and affection in his relationship. It is composed of generic Sildenafil citrate as the primary active constituent comes in the family of medicine called as a PDE-5 inhibitor. It shows action by obstructing phosphodiesterase enzyme that helps in preventing the deprivation of cGMP, leads to the formation of Nitric Oxide, which causes smooth muscle relaxation. So, that the blood flows in the male genital area increases and gives prolonged and effective erection with enhanced penetration power.

buy cenforce 150 mg

Cenforce 150 mg

Cenforce usually comes in the dosing range of 150 mg 200 mg prepared as tablet dosage form so consume the medicine via mouth with the help of ample amount of water with or without food. To accomplish an erection the patient is suggested to consume the medicine almost one hour before intercourse and recommended to consume one tablet at a time. You are suggested to keep the gap of 24 hours between two dosages and never take more than the recommended dose of this medicine.

Possible side effects may probably occur while using this medicine such as a headache, painful erection, sudden vision loss, and seizure, irregular heartbeat, and shortness of breath, swelling of hands or feet, nausea, or sweating.


You should not consume alcohol, sedative products, or any other products along with the medicine as these may enhance the side effects. Do not consume if you are allergic to any component in the medicine and prevent use if you are less than 18 years. In case you are suffering from any medical complications like blood disorder, liver and kidney disorder, cardiac disorder etc. should inform the doctor before use. The patients are advised not use nitrate products, herbal supplements, fatty foods, dietary products, grapefruit juice as these are not safe or may affect the action of this medicine.

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