Sibutril 15mg Reduce your Excessive Body Weight

Every time when you go for a weight check, you get depressed to see your rising figures. The moment you make your diet chart and weight loss program, you fail in accomplishing due to your laziness. You are a food lover and always try different foods especially food containing fats. Without thinking much about how many calories you are putting up daily, you eat loads. You try to escape from all social gatherings to avoid taunts regarding your weight. Your family members also interrupt you when you start to eat anything. Excessive addiction to chocolates, sweets, donuts, and other fatty foods has made your body go out of shape. It is easier to gain weight but harder to lose already gained mass.

You want to get hooked up but your excessive weight is creating a barrier in your alliance. You are desperately looking for a boyfriend and chat with many guys on Facebook. After chatting and talking on the phone the guys like you but when they meet you at the front, every one of them show you back after seeing your size and delete you from friend list. Nobody is ready to come near you. Whenever you go to public places, people stare at your figure. You have tried every type of weight loss program but you have failed.

Use Sibutril 15mg Slimming Tablets to Cut Off Weight

It was one day when your aunt suggested you to try Sibutril. She was also a victim of high body mass but Sibutril has proved effective in her case. After hearing her story, you also started Sibutril and within few months, you noticed some change in your figure. You were desperate to check out your weight and when you saw a drop of 10 kgs in your weight, you were amazed. Sibutril 15mg sibutramine tablet has worked on your body and has completely transformed your shape. Your list of friends has also increased. You were happy to see when you got many proposals at a time. Now whenever you see someone who is obese, you suggest him/her Sibutril.


Sibutril (Sibutramine) is effective in burning your extra calories. It is altogether helpful with diet control. Sibutramine shows its function by restricting the serotonin, nor epinephrine and dopamine reuptake at the neuronal synapse. By stopping the reuptake of neurotransmitters, Sibutramine gives you a feeling of satisfaction and lowers appetite. Sibutril thus regulates chemicals inside the brain and lowers hunger and craving for food.

Dosing schedule: For effective weight loss management, you should consume a single capsule 15 mg of Sibutril via an oral route once in a day with sufficient water in the morning time in order to eliminate the possibility of hunger. The maximum dose of Sibutramine one can take daily is 30 mg but that should be taken only after the physician advice. You can consume it with or without food.

Contraindications and precautions to follow with Sibutril: You should not take Sibutril when you have an eating disorder such as anorexia, bulimia. Do not consume if you are hypersensitive to Sibutramine. Contraindicate its use in case you have severe kidney or liver problem, history of any heart disorder, in case you are taking serotonin reuptake inhibitor or any other weight loss drug. Stop consuming monoamine oxidase inhibitor within last 14 days of Sibutril intake. Sibutril is not taken in people who are 65 years or more.

Ill effects with Sibutril: Some ill affects you may observe with Sibutril are constipation, back pain, increased or decreased appetite, nausea, nervousness, weakness, sleepiness, stomach upset, headache, increased sweating, and vomiting.

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